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Monday, November 25, 2019

Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting

It wasn't long after graduation that I couldn't find a job. Job seekers could not do any good by searching for your grandmother. It is getting dark all day long. Depression is gradually increasing. How many days to become dependent on others? 

Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting

But even with a lot of effort, a job is not available. Many may be leaving old jobs and looking for new jobs. But somehow you couldn't get it up. Job seekers Something may be wrong that you do not see again and again.

Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting
Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting

There are things that you should never do when looking for a job. You are missing out on many good opportunities for these wrong things. What is all that work? Let's not look at what works and what the solution will be.

The CV is not well written:-

You might be thinking of submitting a resume. What is right/wrong there again? But, for those who are hiring you, hundreds of such resumes are submitted daily for the same post. 
Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting
Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting
Out of these, they call the candidates who they feel are worthy. They want to see how much you can help their company with what's on your resume. Whether you can meet their needs.

That's why when writing a resume, write down all the key skills you know will help your company and your posts. Mention where you have worked in your student life, affiliated with some club, interned somewhere. Maybe that's why they called you for an interview.

Many people forget about giving a cover letter with a CV. If you send a CV to someone, then there are rules to mention why you are sending the CV to him. Don't forget it. If you send the CV by envelope, then the cover letter should be sent on the same envelope along with the CV. And if you send a CV to an email, then it is better to write the cover letter in the body of the email without creating a separate file for the cover letter.

Finding a limited level of job:-

Many people are looking for a job just by looking at their study background while searching for a job. This is actually a big mistake. Apply as many as you can, depending on your qualifications. Also, if you think you can work somewhere else, apply there as well. 
Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting
Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting

You never know where your final destination will be. So do not just apply in certain places of the hand, but apply everywhere you like. And apply for a new experience. Job seekers learning from the mistakes of a failed interviewer might help you get another job.

Make a bad request:-

I just said to apply everywhere, now I am talking about unnecessary application! What a matter of fact. Well, for a lifetime business student, C ++ has been given the job of programming. 

Can he get it Naturally not about to get her? If you enter into any kind of false shelter, you will eventually get into great trouble. Therefore, no one should apply beyond his own ability. You might be applying around a lot. But you can't call anywhere. 

One of the major reasons may be that your qualifications are not able to satisfy that company. So apply as a qualification.

Answering one person to another:-

On the sibling board but not a single person sits on a sibling. There are at least 3-5 members. They can ask you multiple questions depending on one question. 
Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting
Job seekers 8 things never do when your job is hunting
Then if you give two answers to two people, then it is harmful to you. Say everything about yourself during your time in brotherhood. Never bring more information. Then you can get into trouble yourself. Try to answer all the questions in a simple and understandable way. 

If you go to the oven too, the interview board will owe you too. As a result, your job opportunity can be lost. Remember, two face swords are cut on both sides.

Insulting former colleagues:-

Suppose your previous workplace was not much of a benefit. There was no opportunity to work independently. The boss is bad. It hurts a lot. The salary does not pay well. 

Other colleagues did not support your work. But do not forget to keep that in mind when giving a brother in a new place. If you are negative about your former colleagues coming to interview in a new place, the interview board will not look that good. 

They want to hear a positive comment about why you want to quit your previous job. Why should you want to leave your previous job and come here, should give a nice answer? But if you blame the situation, what is the certainty that you will not fall prey to this situation?

Envelopes and extras with clothes:-

Depending on your costume, you may or may not get a job in one place. Going to a formal dress in front of a sibling board is the rule. Employers want to go through a formality. 

They want you to have a professional spirit. If your dress-up senses don't like them, they might even exclude you.

And many people go a little too much about dress-up. According to most interviewers, extra perfumes and makeup are not to their liking. They have excluded many qualified candidates only for this promotion. Therefore, the perfume and makeup should not be interrupted between the two sides, so care should be taken.

For boys, the formal dress means shirts and pants. If someone is wearing a suit, the color of the pants should match the color of the suit. That's not all. The color of your belt should match what color you are wearing. 

If you wear a black belt with kharis, then it looks redundant. The color of the hand watch belt should also be taken into account so that it matches the color of the shoe and belt. And in our country, formal dresses mean saree, salwar-kameez, shirt-pants, suit all in our country. But in this case, it is better to avoid excess makeup.

To express disappointment:-

You are looking for a job in Hana. But to those who are interviewing new ones, they have no hand in the matter. Keep your frustration hidden as much as possible in front of the interview board, even when the frustration is overwhelming. 

Show them that you are very interested in this job. When you get the job you can pour 100 percent of your own. But do not forget that if you do not have this job you will face many problems. They want to give confident people a chance. 

If you get more frustration there, you can't take anything for granted. Therefore, the emphasis on self-confidence must be strong.

Give up:-

You have given interviews in many places. But nowhere is it getting good news. Do not forget to leave this situation. Keep trying Your qualification will get you to one place. 

Pray to the Creator and trust in Him. If you work hard, success will come. Instead of saying "nothing will happen to you", rely on the words "possible with you."

Currently, the job market means unequal competition. If this competition is sustained then I would like to have strong confidence in myself. Trust in yourself and your Creator. 

If you have the ability, then you will have some speed. And if you are currently a student, make a CV today. List it at the height you want to look after graduation and start working accordingly.

Whenever you get an invitation to a competition, try to participate there. You must work for some club in school, college, university. You will notice that at the end of the year, your CV has become too heavy.




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