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Monday, November 18, 2019

Best 6 Career Building Online Jobs for Content Writer

Best 6 Career Building Online Jobs for Content Writer

When it comes to building a career in writing, the first thing that comes to mind is to be a journalist or an essayist or a novelist. But that is not the case at all. We are currently living in the age of information technology. In this age, the most accessible media of the Internet is social media. Surveys show that people travel not only to leisure time but also to work on these social media.

Best 6 Career Building Online Jobs for Content Writer
Best 6 Career Building Online Jobs for Content Writer 

Therefore, the popularity of the online business is also needed to promote the spread of online business and popularize social media accounts. Moreover, now online magazines are gaining huge popularity by creating various informative content. So it turns out that there are many ways to make a career in writing, not just being a journalist or an essayist or a novelist.

1. Technical Writer:-

If you have the ability to write the most complex concepts in simple terms, then the job of being a technical writer or technical writer for different companies, groups of companies, groups of industries and various business organizations will be perfect for you.
To become a technical writer you need to have two main skills. First of all, you are the most complicated. The concepts need to be mastered in simple words. Secondly, you too. The English language should be well mastered. Because such instructions are usually in English only.

Is written However, in some cases, it is also written in Bengali. Generally, technical writers prepare documentation, guidelines, manuals, faxes, questionnaires, instructions, and helpful technical articles. Those who are interested in software, science, engineers, web design and related fields will greatly enjoy this technical writer's job.
Most of the technical writers' jobs are full-time. This can be part-time, especially in the field. Therefore, if you have a technical or technical degree, you can expect a very good job. Moreover, if you have technical and technical knowledge, then this sector will provide some benefits to get a job.

2. Journalism:-

If you have the ability to write a detailed story about an event or a keen interest in information about the prison, the mentality of the question, the background of the event and the background evidence, So journalism is right for you.
At present, journalism is not limited to paper only but it is also spread online. Every magazine has an online culture. Journalism has now expanded into three sections. One. Newspapers. Two online magazines. Three televisions.

Since I am talking about writing, I have to omit the third one. At present, there are more than four hundred daily newspapers in the country. Besides, the number of monthly, fortnightly, weekly, literary periodicals, magazines, etc. is also increasing. You have to know the important news at every moment when working in newspapers. Of course, it is also good to have some research interests in working in newspapers.

Because misinformation published in the daily newspaper can lead to great danger. So whatever the report writing hack, it should be subject to factual and appropriate evidence. And of course, you should read different magazines every day. Knowing that will increase the scope.

And whoever writes the report will help. Do not think that you will only work in the Kona Magazine published in Bangla, where you can also work in English dailies if the English language is practiced. Among the dailies published in Bangla - First Ala, Jugantar, Ittefaq, Bangladesh Daily, New Diganta, Kalakantha, Inquilab, Mankantha, Janakantha, merchant message, Bhare paper, etc.
Online newspapers are increasing more than the rate of daily newspapers in the country. There are so many online magazines that it would be wrong to say the exact or approximate number.

If you want to work in magazines, you need to increase your knowledge whether it is a print or online version. Most of the time you have to work full-time in the daily newspaper. However, there is a good deal of part-time work online. Many times you can go to work without having to visit the office regularly.

3. Edit:-

Editing is rarely done in our country. There are various posts in newspapers and magazines including editors, co-editors, feature editors, column editors, which are mainly on the lines of journalism. There is also proofreading and editing of publishing companies. In foreign countries, publications have the job of battering or development editing, but we do not have that in our country. 

However, various online magazines and magazines can be used as feature editors or editors. Our editors are assigned to do such work on various blogs or media. Some commercial websites or company blogs and special platforms appear to publish such job notifications. Apart from journalism, this kind of job is matched by studying various aspects of sociology.

4. Seasalmedia Manager:-

Although it seems futile to think about the development of oil and business in the marketplace of social media a decade ago, it has now become the main marketplace in these media. Most businesses and companies now hire professional techs to keep their social media platforms running.

The Social Media Manager mainly works to promote the organization on social media. For example, pasting, boosting, writing caption content on Facebook, copywriting, tweeting on Twitter; Taking pictures on Instagram; Paste on LinkedIn etc. In addition to these, there are also Snapchat, Pinterest, Quora, Vine, Snack and other Aura platforms that work on brand-promoting brands.

In addition, creating video scripts for YouTube channels, writing statements, answering questions and doing SEO or search engine optimization. At present, the importance of a social media manager is immense. Candidates studying in English or journalism may have priority, but if they have the skills, background candidates can get the job.

5. Blogger:-

A blog is a place where you can express your thoughts. Occasionally he even got paid for the blog. Although it is not so easy or popular in Bangladesh to earn a lot of work from your blog site. That's why bloggers usually write for third parties. Apart from various software firms, human resources, online-based cosmetics or fashion house blog sites, you can also post as a guest blogger on various blogs. No special education is required for blogging or for being a blogger. Only rich general knowledge and writing skills are required.

5. Freelance Writer:-

Since writing is not done in group work without a specific reason or purpose, many young writers are currently working as a philanthropist on various platforms. After journalism and social media manager, freelancing writing is a very popular medium of writing. There is no shortage of platforms for freelance writers. Coming first is the work of writing stories, novels, poems, novels, research books or essays. In addition to these publications, work is available in private. There are several dailies or weekly freelancing tips. Again, some monthly / fortnightly.

There are magazines or magazines that are usually contracted with a freelance writer to write only stories or poems or novels so that they are not deficient. Besides, if you know how to tell a story yourself, you can write it and show it to the publisher. The next popular author of whom is asleep.

Secondly, if you understand English very well and have good skills in Bengali language and literature then you can do translation work. Readers always want neat, lively and fluent translations. That is why you have to do a lot of writing and practice translation. It is best to talk to a publisher before translating a book.

This is the talk of print media. There are various online marketplaces that take the time to write, either temporarily or permanently, for their own time or lack of skills. One of the marketplaces of this type is Upwork.Com, Fiverr.Com,,, and various web sites. Where you can open an account and set up your portfolio and get the job done by the client's attention. However, since these sites operate internationally, proficiency in English is mandatory.

But yes, there are several content-based web sites to spread Bangla globally, which has gained popularity by creating interesting content in Bangla itself. Such as Rayar Bangla; The name of this site is known to many. They are currently running their successful operations in three countries. Many mysteries, histories, myths, etc. have already garnered popularity by creating interesting content. You can earn as a full-time, part-time or guest-writer in Rayer Bangla, and I am talking about the names of two sites where you can earn by writing in Bangla.

One, and two, If you open an account here and submit it, a certain amount will be debited to your account if published by the editor. Besides, the amount of money will increase at a certain rate, depending on how many visitors will see it. At the end of the month, you can withdraw money through a bank account or development. You can also write to Career Intelligence where you want to send a text message about the career angle. To become a freelance writer requires a lot of knowledge. Especially literature and common sense. 

And there is no alternative to reading books. Apart from books, blogs, articles can be read to some extent. Writing is the key to building a career in writing Write down why you do not get good advice. Think about money. Make writing hand first. However, remember that wherever you build a career, if you do not work well in your mind, then some days after that work will be disgusting. So before setting up a career, ask NJ if you are really interested in this sector.

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