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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

How To Add Blog Post Automatic Internal Linking 2020 ! Gain more visitor

How to add blog post automatic internal linking 2020! Get more page views!

Assalamu Alaikum Friends,

Today's article is a blog website relate article. Basically in this article today, I will discuss one of Blogger's important features. And today's topic is the blog post's internal linking. If you are a professional blogger, then you must know the importance of internal linking to Blogger. And you also know that the task of bringing the most visitors to your blog post is by doing this blogger's internal linking.

How To Add  Blog Post Automatic Internal Linking 2020 ! Gain more visitor
How To Add  Blog Post Automatic Internal Linking 2020! Gain more visitor
So in this article, I will tell you what is Blogger Internal Linking? How it works and its importance to Blogger. If you are new to this blogger field then it will be very useful for you to get a visitor to your blogger.

So let's start the article

What is internal linking? So first I will tell you what is this internal linking. Blog Internal Linking is a way to get more visitors to your blog post. And you can transfer your visitors from one blog post to another. So this will increase the pageview of your blog a lot and from here your AdSense ad impression will increase.

Why do we do internal linking?

This internal linking is a very important topic for our blog post. Because if you have a blogpost rank on Google and the topic that is related to that blog post is linked to your blog post, then the visitor is likely to visit your blog post to read your blog post. More.

That is a must for your blog post and for your blog. Through this internal linking, you can get more visits to your blog and get more of your pageview. And if you are connected to AdSense then your impressions of AdSense ads will increase and there will be a lot of profit!. So you will want to do internal linking to each of your blog posts.

How do I do internal linking?

Internal linking to blogpost can be done in two ways. One is that you will do the internal linking manually. And another is that you don't have to do the internal linking manually. All you have to do is add a coding and the automatic internal linking will be done.
So if you are a blogger then you know how to do internal linking manually to your blog post.

So I'm not showing you this anymore. Today in this article I will basically show you how to do automatic internal linking in your blog post.

So here I will try to show you step by step, you will try to follow the instructions well.

1st step:

1. First you login to your Blogger website with your email.

2. Then you have to select the Theme section.

3. Click Edit HTML this time.

2nd step:

1. Now you can see the complete coding of your website. Now, once you click on Just Coding.

2. Then press Ctrl + F (find) on the keyboard, and a search box will appear to the right of your coding.

3. At the top of the box, </head> enter this code and enter.


4. Now you will see this code in those codes </head> Now you have to paste the CSS script on top of the code.


3rd step:

1. Similarly, you will press Ctrl + F (find) again on the keyboard and enter this data in the search box <data: post.body /> this time.


2. Likewise, you will see this code again but (remember one thing here you can see this code three times or twice in some templates) you have to go to the last one and paste the HTML script below that code.


3. Then you save, you will see successfully your code will be saved.

I know you will get a lot of articles on Google according to this topic. but through this article, I have tried to explain to you in a very simple way the importance of internal linking in your blog post. And this article was not copied from anywhere. Here I will share my own opinion with you.

I hope you can add this automatic linking system to your blog post too. If you have any difficulty you can follow my YouTube channel. There I have published a video on this topic. If you want to watch that video then you can definitely add your blog post automatic internal linking system.

You can follow my blog to get more blogger related posts like this. I publish this kind of article here regularly. So see you at the Next Article, everyone will be fine. Khuda Hafiz.

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