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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Choosing Topics in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2020

Choosing Topics in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2020

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Choosing a Topic as a New Bee is a very troubling task. So on this topic, I will give you some advice today. If you are a newbie this article will be very helpful for you.....

Choosing Topics in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2020
Choosing Topics in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2020
And I will have a reminder, please read this article well till the end, then all the misconceptions over the topic of selecting topics will be cleared.

So let's get started...

So in this article, I will say from two perspectives for both parties

So in the beginning, I would say for those who have an expert like Already, I have many friends who know such things as graphics design, software design, web development, and video editor, and by doing these things they are able to generate a good income.

So what I'm going to tell you is that if you are an expert on any of these topics, you can generate a good amount of income by using both blogging and affiliate marketing platforms.

Let me give you an example
If you are a medical student, you can create a healthcare-related blog, you can write a health-related article or you can write reviews on various medicine or medicine tools. You can earn a good amount of money and in addition to health-related products.

 Let me give you another example
If you are a web developer or can design software, you can create a blog on this web developer or software design and publish articles in the form of tutorials where you can help beginners help on these topics. You can also provide affiliate links to your articles by guiding you to a variety of premium themes, plugins, templates, domain-hosting topics. So if anyone knows about these topics as well as your affiliate link, then here you can generate a good amount of income from affiliate marketing. And there is your blog.

If you can earn a good amount of income from the blog from Google Adsense and other third-party Advertiser, then you get two sources of income here too.

So for my sake, my prospect is to start a blog without delaying the topic on which you will experience. Regardless of how simple your topic is, first you start looking at that topic, and gradually you will find better topics and on those topics, you will be able to blog professional quality and develop your career.

Now for those who are new to the blogging and affiliate marketing field, my advice is for beginners, I would suggest that you create a blog on any topic at first. I have created a blogging series on this blog on how to set up a free professional-quality blog, you can follow that.
Stay away from the hassle of selecting this topic, submitting it to the affiliate platform, and pasting the link there.

Taking Google Adsense Approval or generating affiliate links or pursuing different ways of earning them is not blogging. We will tell you blogging wherever you have a blog or website, you can write on any topic and no matter how easy it is. I know that every human being in the world has some creativity, then you have to publish it through that creativity blog.
Choosing Topics in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2020
Choosing Topics in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2020
If you have a good blog, then you must be able to make a good income and do it anyway. But first you should not focus on the income, first, you have to set a goal that I have to create a good blog, publish some good content there and make the visitor good on that blog. Then you can do whatever you want. This is where you can publish affiliate marketing links, do CPA marketing, and then you can easily take AdSense Approval.

For that, you need to first focus on how to set up a good blog.

This time I'll tell you a few basic topics that newbies can do very easily. With no extra time. So let's see what those basic level tasks are.

1. Writing on YouTube:

At first, you could write about YouTube. Like how to create a YouTube channel, how to create a professional thumbnail for a YouTube video, or how to create a logo for a YouTube channel, how to edit a video, or how to get more views on a YouTube video.

There is also a lot to write about the YouTube channel, as you type in YouTube tips and tricks and search YouTube, you will find many videos.
So you can take an idea from those videos and write them on your blog.

2. Writing on Facebook

You can also write similar things to Facebook, such as how to create a Facebook page, how to set up an e-commerce shop with Facebook, how to gain more followers or to make your page reach more people. How you can make paid promotions, you can write about these topics on your blog.

3. Write reviews on various products:

Another very basic level of activity for beginners is to write reviews on different products so you can choose any e-commerce website online. Suppose

 So if you click on the category there, you will see many categories there. For example, if you select the Men's Fashion category, then all you have to do is write an article on different types of Man Fashions, and in that article, you will be able to attribute the style of the fashion to its style, size.

So here you are getting two types of income sources like Google Adsense as well as affiliate marketing. In this article, you are talking about that fashion and you are providing product affiliate links there, this time when your visitors read this article and they will buy through affiliate link then you will get some commissions for that product.

There are also many other topics that beginners can start with. I talked about very simple topics in this article for beginners. You can also follow this blog to get a more topic related guide. I publish articles on 5 different topics regularly.

So from here, I finished today's article. See you at Next Article, as long as everyone is good, take care of your family, Khuda Hafez


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