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    Build your successful career in digital marketing in 2020

    Build your successful career in digital marketing in 2020

    Assalamu Alaikum friends I am Md Alamgir.

    In this article today, I will talk to you about digital marketing. If you want to know about digital marketing or are new to the field then this article is for you. Keep watching this article until the very end so you can get a complete idea about digital marketing Inshallah.
    So friends, today we will know about digital marketing in English.

    Today I will share with you an opportunity that could change your life. If you know a little about digital marketing, then you know that people are now making good money selling their products on amazon.com, flipart.com. It was not passable in the beginning, but with the promotion of the internet and people using the Internet more and more, not only is it giving you the opportunity to generate income, you are giving your product to millions of people through the internet without having to open your shop can deliver.

    Build your successful career in digital marketing in 2020
    Build your successful career in digital marketing in 2020
    This system is called a digital business. It can be done digitally or in simple terms, business on the internet. Although starting a business on the internet is not a very difficult task. But for this business, you have to be smart because you are not doing digital business here alone, there are thousands of businessmen like you who are doing digital business here, so there is competition among businessmen.

    A customer is getting multiple cellars to buy his product for this competition, So here's how you get your digital store to reach customers. He does the job of digital marketing.

    What is digital marketing?

    Digital marketing is a simple platform to promote your business page where you do not need to add any type of billboard or newspaper ads. Now people use social platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram in their daily Daily Life. So using these platforms to grow your business by earning money is called digital marketing.

    Build your successful career in digital marketing in 2020

    Suppose you went to a wedding home in a foreign city but suddenly you remember what you would do if you forgot to bring your shoes. In this new city, you don't know a store where you can find some shoes that you like. You will then search Google at Shoe shop near me. Here Google will show you a result of ten shoe stores in the city near you.

    So does that mean there are only ten shoe stores in that city, not at all? The page you see on Google is called SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Google has its own rules that can be shown to the result users so that the trust of users is strictly above Google.

    So what those Google rules are and how they work is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a technique that you can use to rank your website on Google's first page on your expected User or a Particular Keyword. More than 90% of users click on the first result on the first page, which will get you a chance to get your business ahead.

    In addition to Google, there are many ways to do digital marketing such as Facebook, Instagram.

    Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are called social media platforms. And the ads shown on these platforms are called SMM (Social Media Marketing). And the biggest benefit of this is that you can deliver your advertising to your target audience.

    Build your successful career in digital marketing in 2020

    That's the digital marketing career is the most powerful career in your business today.

    Friends, you will be surprised to know that by now you have read this article about digital marketing as much as 10% of the digital marketing world. There's nothing you can do to make a living at home with just a laptop or computer and internet connection. Only digital marketing can give you that.

    Who can do digital marketing?

    Digital marketing allows everyone. You don't need an IT background or a higher education for that, you just need to know how to run the internet and that is all we know now.

    In this digital marketing course, you can create a website without any kind of IT education. We will teach you how to build a website on a platform where you can update your website yourself after the course and earn money by making others a website.

    So friends, and what is late. You have come up with a way to lose everyone who has kept you away from your success. Learn digital marketing with us and give your future a brighter direction.

    Build your successful career in digital marketing in 2020

    You will find all that information about digital marketing on our website. You can submit your email id on our website. We will update your digital marketing related article or information on our website.

    So today, I am leaving this article. I finished here today by welcoming everyone for the article on the next episode of Digital Marketing. Khuda Hafiz.

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