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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Some Information about Google Adsense ! that you need to know is mandatory?

Some Information about Google Adsense

Assalamu Alaikum Friends,

Today's article I will discuss some information about Google Adsense. If you are interested in Google AdSense, then continue reading this article till the end. We will know some important information about Google Adsense in today's article such as how this company works, how Google Adsense gives us the opportunity to work with them, as well as Google for YouTube and the website How much payment, information about Google Adsense is paid for Adsense, how many subscribers.

So let's get started...

Information about Google Adsense
Information about Google Adsense

Besides, information about Google Adsense how much payment is made by Adsense for YouTube and website, how many subscribers pay for it, what is hosted and non-hosted account, and In order to get Adsense approved we have to look at some things, and how to withdraw Adsense dollars, we will know about these articles. Or, information about Google Adsense we will know about these articles.

So let's get started...

1. How Adsense Works?

Friends At first we understand the basic concepts of Google Adsense, Google Adsense's main two lessons, one is advertising and another is Publisher. Advertiser's these companies, which have various products or services, are promoted through Google Adsense on top of YouTube videos or on different websites.

information about Google Adsense The advertisements you see are advertisers promoted through Google Adsense and publishers are content creators who are publishing videos on YouTube. Those who are writing on websites and publishing applications to the Android Play Store, Google Adsense display their ads through these three platforms on behalf of the advertiser. One is the other youtube is your own website and another is the Android Play Store. You can work with Google Adsense and you can work with Adsense, even if you are a publisher. Or you can work with both advertisers and publishers and Google Adsense. This is how the whole process of Adsense works.

information about Google Adsense Supposes an advertised 100 dollars advertised the place. This time, Google's advertising advertised the advertisements to the content creator, which millions of people are using every day. These advertisements are Youtube, Playstore, and various websites, which give the common customers the product services of different organizations. And they buy their required product services, so everyone has a Win-Win Situation. information about Google Adsense

Organizations can promote their products to customers, as well as content creators are getting the benefits of their content, and the buyers are able to know about their product and buy them for their needs. information about Google Adsense 49% of this $ 100 puts Google and the rest 51% give Google Publishers. If you want to work with Adsense publisher, you can start a YouTube channel where you can create a video or you can create a website where you can write on your Interest related topic, Or you can publish an app you created in the Android Play Store. These are the works for the publisher.

But if you have an organization that has a product or service that you want to tell to the public. You can work with Google Adsense if you want to campaign and you can pay for your product and service. This is basically the Adsense program works. information about Google Adsense
I hope you understand what Google Adsense gives us opportunities.

2. How many payments do publishers get paid for?

information about Google Adsense Gogol basically demarcates on some factors and explains how much payment they will make, they have no definitive fixed amounts. Both of them are the two most important factors in the context of content and content topics, Content Topics, those who create content creators advertised Friendly Content, they get good payment for those content. Payment is available even if the view is low.

      >> What is Advertisers Friendly Content?

Suppose you like touring and you started a Traveling Channel. information about Google Adsense There are many companies such as Traveling Relations, such as travel agencies, hotels, and resorts that promote the services of their company that channels in the travel type.
So these are the Advertisers Friendly Content, it's just an exception,

    >> Second being the location?

If there is a view from Bangladesh India, then the payment is very low and if Europe is watching from America, then the payment comes almost more than doubles. information about Google Adsense
For Example, 

information about Google Adsense 1 million views are seen from Bangladesh, India, publishers receive payments ranging from 250 to 300 dollars. And if Europe is watching from America, then one million views are available from 700 to 900 dollars.

3. How much money does Google pay for the subscription on YouTube?

Google is never paying for its subscriber's subscription, no matter how many million subscribers you have, Google will not pay for it. Payment is available for Basic Advertising View if you click on advertisements without ads only you will get the payment. information about Google Adsense

4. What is Hosted Account and Non-Hosted Account and How Can We Approval It?

The Google Adsense you see on YouTube is the hosted Google Adsense account and the website that Google Adsense you see is a Google none hosted account. Both are part of Google Adsense. information about Google Adsense The advertisements that are seen in the Android app on the Google Play Store are also part of Google AdSense.

You can manage all your accounts, do not have to create a separate account. Now the hosted account is very easy to get approved. You can shoot videos around you with your smartphone and you can publish it on YouTube and you will get the easiest Adsense approval if you apply Adsense. information about Google Adsense And the website's Adsense is a non-hosted Adsense account. Adsense is very difficult for the website to take Approval.

For this you have to keep in mind some things as you write the article manually, you can not copy from anywhere else and no copyright image or graphics can be used in the content. Especially when AdSense is not your website. If you get approved, you can do some difficulty, there will be no problem. information about Google Adsense But you can not use any copyrighted images or graphics before being approved. You can publish 20 to 25 articles in the beginning, on any topic.

There may be tutorials, reviews of different products can be different stories, you can write about the topics you like. information about Google Adsense There are many stock photo sites where you will get different types of images in the freebies. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that your website will definitely come to Your website will definitely have an About Us page. Where all the information about you will be written, what is the related website, who are writing these things here? Then the Terms and Conditions page, where there are some rules and regulations to use the website. Then another page is Privacy Policy, Visitor Privacy how to maintain your website Those things must be written to you.

And at the Contact page where visitors can contact you, keeping an eye on these issues, you will find that you will easily get Adsense Approval. information about Google Adsense If you are not approved in the first chance, Google will email you by informing you about some issues that do not get approved on your website, then you can fix the issues again and see that your website will become approval.

5. How do you make dollars from Google Adsense account?

information about Google Adsense Once your account is approved there is a setting option in your account where you can add your bank account. Like you add the name of the bank, your name, your account number, swift BIC code, if you add these you will automatically transfer the dollar to your account at the end of the month. They will transfer the dollars to your account if they have a minimum of $ 100.

So, friends, there are some information related to Google Adsense, hope you can help them. You can follow my blog to get more such technology related articles. information about Google Adsense So be good for the next article, and keep the family's attention and be good to the country.


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