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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Why does not rank our blog?

Why does it not rank our blog?

Those who make new blogs, they always have a question about why the blog does not rank. We tend to be very disturbed about this issue, but we do not think once again. In this post, I will try to highlight our mistakes and solve.

Why does not rank our blog
Why does not rank our blog

Do not select a keyword:

When we write a post, we do not think of the keyword but publish mail with the title of the mails. For many times, we also work with high keywords that we post about an issue that has been on the internet long ago.


You will use a less competitive keyword by using the Google Keyword Planner. Try to keep the main keyword at the beginning of the title.

Do not backlink:

We post to the blog but just forget to backlink our site. In the new situation, many people do not know what the backlinks are.
Solution: Because the backlink should be specifically emphasized on both types of internal and outgoing. Enter a link inside another post, and note that the rank of the internal link will be as well as the rank.

Why does not rank our blog?

And your site will backlink a site so that it is related to you as if your site is a technology site then you will backlink with the technology site. And try to get backlinks with high PR site.

Post continuously:

We published 10 posts a day, do not published many days, and after 10 days published again 10 posts so that we do not get the rank.


It is not a matter of posting every day but if you can give it a lot better. If you post the rules of posting, then say that you post the first post and then post it again after three days, you will post it after every three days. If the post is correct then Google will rank your site.

Not Sitemap:

Many people do not know what the sitemap is posting in the new condition, so Google does not find its own post.
Why does not rank our blog
Why does not rank our blog


Submit your sitemap after posting 5 on your blog, then every post will be easily indexed by Google so that you get the Visitor and your site's rank on Google will increase.

Metadata and image alarms tag:

This error is high in new condition so that Google has to lose rank.


Use post metadata during each post and use the image alt tag. And of course, the main keyword metadata and the image will be used under the Alta tag.

Why does not rank our blog?

There are so many things that can not be said in one post, so if you want to know what to do in Google Ranking below.

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