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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019

Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019

Through the Internet, different organizations operate different types of work. Outsourcing to do these things with someone outside their organization is outsourcing. Those who do outsourcing work, tell them, freelancer. A freelancer means free or independent professionals. Looking for outsourcing work, on the site of the person who does the job, he is called Contractor. The person who works on the contract says to buyer/buyer

Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019
Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019

Many job opportunities:

Outsourcing site or online marketplace works are divided into different categories. For example, web development, software development, networking and information system, writing and translation, administrative support, design and multimedia, customer service, sales and marketing, business, etc.
Web development
This category includes website design, web programming, e-commerce, user interface design, website testing, website project management, etc.

Software development:

Software developments include desktop applications, game development, scripts and utilities, software plugins, mobile applications, interface designs, software project management, software testing, VoIP, etc.

Networking and information systems:

These include Network Administration, DBA-Database Administration, Server Administration, ERP / CRM Implementation, etc.

Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019
Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019

Writing and Translation:

These include technical writing, website content, blog and article writing, copywriting, translations, creative writing, etc.

Administrative Support:

These include data entry, personal assistant, web research, e-mail response handling, transcriptions, etc. But the simplest of these jobs is web research and data entry.

Design and multimedia:

This section includes graphic design, logo design, illustration, print design, 3D modeling, cad, audio and video production, voice talent, animation, presentation, engineering, and technical design, etc.

Customer Service:

These include customer service and support, technical support, phone support, order processing, etc.

Sales and marketing:

These include advertising, e-mail marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), SEO (search engine marketing), SMS (Social media marketing), PR, telemarketing and telesales, business planning and marketing, market research and services, sales and leads. Generation etc.

Business Services:

These include accounting, bookkeeping, HR/payroll, financial services and planning, payment processing, legal, project management, business consulting, recruiting, statistics analysis, etc. These will be discussed later in detail.

Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019

Where to get the job:

There are many websites available for outsourcing. There are fake sites, so be careful to start the work. oDesk is among the most popular among Bangladesh Some internationally known and trusted sites are given the address-

Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019
Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019

There are many websites available for outsourcing. There are fake sites, so be careful to start the work. oDesk is among the most popular among Bangladesh Some internationally known and trusted sites are given the address-

What is the eligibility of any work:

Generally, what kind of work is available online, it has been said. Now let's know what kind of qualification is required for any job.

Web Development:

To know how to create a website on this work. There should be a good idea about various programming languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, etc. If you take two tests on these languages, it will be useful to get work done.

Software development:

To know how to create software. There should be a good idea about various programming languages ​​such as Java, C-Sharp, Visual Basic, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.

Networking and Information Systems:

There should be a good idea about the database, networking, etc. Only then can you find work related to networking and information systems.

Text and Translation:

For this kind of work should be proficient in English, have knowledge of technical knowledge, good idea about website, blog, internet. It is good to have a habit of writing.

Administrative Support:

The tasks in this section are relatively easy. Basically, copy paste works. There should be a good idea about these websites, computers, internet, website, blog, e-mail, facebook, twitter.

Design and Multimedia:

You have to know the graphics work. Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Flash, etc. can be easily done with logo design, graphic design.

Customer Service:

You need to be proficient in English for this section. Writing and writing in English - both have to be proficient.

Sales and Marketing:

There should be a good idea about e-commerce sites. There should be a good idea about e-commerce websites, blogs, e-mails, social contacts (Facebook, Twitter), marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), etc.

Business Services:

You must have your business knowledge for this section. There should be a good idea about different methods of payment (payment method)

How to open an account in oDesk:

First, go to and click on Sign Up from the right-hand corner or go directly to Go to the address Now select Freelance Contractor (due to different versions of internet browser, there may be different types of interface, I used Google Chrome browser, you can select Contractor and click on Sign Up). Fill out the form below and click continue. When new pages arrive - 1. Click on Verify your email address.

Now go to your e-mail ID and see if there is a mail. There is a link there, click on it. Click here to continue to get new pages. Now 2. Click Fill out contact information. A form will come to Fill out the form and click on Save and Continue. 3. Click on your oDesk Profile now. If you have a new page, you can choose what you can do in the Job category. Those who are brand-new, they can choose Blog & Article Writing, Data Entry, Personal Assistant, Email Response Handling, Other - Administrative Support, Customer Service & Support, Other - Customer Service, Advertising, Email Marketing, SMM - Social Media Marketing. You can select Data Entry Professional from Primary Role below. Desired Hourly Rate can give 1 or 2. Please select how much hours you can afford in the availability of availability.

Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019
Best 9 ways to earn money through outsourcing 2019

Now type Title- Internet, Facebook, twitter, google plus, data entry, email, ms word, blog and click on Save and continue. Now 4. Click Accept the oDesk User Agreement. When the new page comes, click on Save and continue with the checkbox and I agree to the terms and conditions. Now click on my profile button. My Contractor Profile - My Account Summary - includes Title, Portrait, Personal Email, etc. You can add your photo by clicking Upload portrait on the right side of the portrait. If you add a picture, your profile will be 20 percent completed.

The more proficient the compliance, the more applications you can apply each week; And the more likely your job will be. (If you have moved to another page, then click My Contractor Profile on the left side, then you will see.) Now click on the oDesk Readiness Test at the right of oDesk Ready. Read the following articles on the oDesk Readiness Test, then click on the Ready to take the test button.

Test of 11 questions:

On oDesk site rules, you have to give a test of 11 questions in 40 minutes. Answers to the questions can be found by clicking on the link below. To test, click on the Start test button. Now click on Continue below to find new pages, click here to start the test button, the test will start. Click on the link below to get the answers to each question. If the answer to 11 questions is correct then you will pass this test. If you delete it will not be written to your public profile. Only passing will be written. If you do not pass, then give a test again. You can give this test as often as possible.

After passing the exam, you can apply for 10 out of every week. Now visit you're My Contractor Profile page. Now add a skill to add a skill. You can add newbies internet, facebook, twitter, google plus, data entry, email, ms word, blog, etc. Auto-suggestion will come when one or two of these letters are written. Select from there and save it. Now, see profile 30 percent completed, the text will be coming. Then you can add here if you have any job by clicking Add Employment History.
Then your profile completion will increase by 10 percent. There is no such thing as to be online. There is only one.

In general, whether it is to fill the room or not, it is to be seen. There is no problem even if there is no Job Experience. Now by clicking on the Edit button below the My Public Profile and clicking on the new page, you can select the number of years of Experience in the number of years you use Facebook, Internet, Computer, etc. for the same time. In the English option, you can select how you know English. But give 5. The objective will write an objective. How to write is an example below the Objective box. You can see the example by clicking on the example.

Here are examples of different computer programming languages. If you do not know these programming languages, you can write your own words using the Internet, Facebook, e-mail, etc. that I have been using Facebook, the internet for the last two or three years, know the rules of Facebook, fast Google search, fast typing You can do it, MS Word knows better, etc. can write in English. Then save it. You will see more profiles of 10% increase in your profile. Now you can add your educational qualification by clicking Education. Then, if you have a project before you in Portfolio Projects then add it. If you do not have any project, go to and open an account and post a text, you will have a blog or website. You can give it a link. Then the probability of getting your job will increase. Other Experiences can give you anything, but if you do not have any problems.

There is no problem if you do not give anything to certificates. Now you see, your profile complexity has increased a lot. If you want to increase, you can give two or three test addresses from If you take three to four tests, you can apply for 20 jobs per week. Basic English test, English spelling test, MS Word test, Windows XP test, etc. The test is a lot easier. If you want to do it, there is no problem. The above settings can change as often as you wish. So there is no problem if something goes wrong, it can be fixed at any time. To change the previous settings, log in to the site and see the right-hand side of your name and the photo below the Edit Profile.

If not, click on Find Work from the top and get right. If you click there, you can change everything again. Your profile is meant for others, which means that the buyer will give you a job, to see what they will see by clicking on Find Work and looking at the bottom right. Your profile Completeness is written below View your public profile. Click here to see what your public profile is like.

How to Find Jobs:

Login to the site and click Find Work. Now enter the search box as you can, search the search. If you click on the search button by entering Facebook, there will be a lot of Facebook-related jobs. Apply them to one that can be read by one. For a little more customization search, you can see the Advanced text next to the search button, click here. Now you can type in the search options you like and check the checkboxes with the check mark. In the same way, you can search by entering the Internet, twitter, PHP, SQL, c #, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, google plus, data entry, email, ms word, blog, etc. That is, you can search by typing what you can.

How to Apply for Work:

Many people send their resume (CV) if they like to advertise a job or job advertisement on the web or in the magazine. One or both of the posts may be appointed, but many people send CVs there. The employer selects some CVs and invites them to the interview. Then appoint one or two people from there. Similarly, when the job post is given on the outsourcing site, many people apply. Interview with clients or buyers from among them. Then let's do one or two jobs. This process is called biding or bid.

How to interview:

You will be sent a message on the site-how many days you can do the job, whether it has done such work before, how much dollars will be made, etc. You will also answer these questions in the return message. If you like, then the buyer will let you do the job. Some buyer wants to chat in Skype software. So it is good to have an account on Skype ( There are some people, who got work for four or five job applications. There are some people, who do not get work even after applying for 100 jobs. It depends a lot on how much you want to do the job. Any one job can be applied as soon as it is published on the site, the better it is.

The more time you stay online, the more likely you are to get the job done. Because there are some tasks, which have to be submitted immediately after leaving the web (within a couple of hours). Such as voting on Facebook or any other site and collecting some votes etc. So, try to stay online in Odesk account for more time online. You will see new job notifications every minute. Opening of a Job (Job) notification, the buyer's information will be found on the right. The applicants who have written the Payment Method Verified will apply. After reading a good job advertisement, click here to have a button called Apply to this job. A new page will arrive.

Enter the number of dollars in the box on the right-hand side of the page, which means that you want to do the job. If you are working on an hourly basis, then enter the number of dollars you want to work per hour. Then type a cover letter in the cover letter box. That is, try to write the cover letter by answering what is being asked for in the ads of the jab. You can mention any related work beforehand. Attachment: It does not need anything. Agree to Terms: Click the Apply to this Job button in the box. When new pages arrive, click on the Continue to Apply button, check the I Understand box. If there is a fixed fee, which is a fixed price, then write down how much money you want to pay in the right-hand box of Paid to You.

However, select the exact estimate of how many days the work is done in the Estimated Duration. Write a cover letter in the cover letter as before. Now in the Agree to Terms box, click on Apply to this Job button. Upfront payment (optional) and attachment will not be required. When new pages arrive, click on the Continue to Apply button, check the I Understand box. Appointments have been done. Then after the buyer has taken your interview, you will be able to do the job, meaning that you will be hired in the job. The job will be activated. Then you will get the notification. How to write a good cover letter, you can find 136/ What + is + a + good + cover + letter? From the address. If there is any other question, click the link) / # upfront can go to the address.

How to work:

oDesk has two types of work. One is hourly, another is a fixed price (fixed price). After the submission of the fixed price tasks arbitrarily, the buyer will verify the work. They give you the payment of the fee. And for hours working, you need to downgrade the oDesk Team software from address. After installing it, the software will be launched and signed-in. Then select the job that you want to get it, by selecting it and clicking Start. Then the software will start counting your work time. The software will take screenshots of your computer for a while. Six hours per hour.

As soon as the time count begins, the dollar will be credited to your account. After the work is done, the buyer can see the screenshots and understand whether you have done the job. You can also delete one or two screenshots by clicking on delete if you wish to take a screenshot. When the buyer completes the contract with you after the end of the job, you will receive a notification that Buyer Name ended your contract. Then give feedback to the buyer to evaluate your work or feedback. You also give feedback to the buyer. In the full 5, you give a number to the buyer and the buyer will give you the number.

Nobody can see anyone before. You can only see one side if both sides give feedback. Generally, no one under 5 gives feedback. When you work with the buyer, you can understand how your relationship with him and how he can give you feedback. As much as you can with the feedback, the buyer will be in tension. Because you can also give bad feedback to the buyer. Feedback will be linked to both your and buyer's profiles - all of which can be seen. If you get good feedback then you can get more work done.

If you get bad feedback, you can delete it. If you return the buyer's payment, then that bad feedback will not be seen on your profile anymore. You can return the payment to the buyer by clicking on the refund on the notification page. After the payment of the buyer, the payment will be credited to your oDesk account from pending one week. To know what your current balance is and how much you have in pens, click on Dosage and click Transaction History.

How to raise money:

Worked on oDesk, dollar deposited to your oDesk account. Now, how to bring them up to him? For this, first, click on the Wallet and then click on Payment Methods. When opening a new page, there are many transaction methods. You can choose any of these. One of the methods is the Pioneer Debit Card. Click Sign Up Now on the right side of Pioneer Debit Card. Click on Get your prepaid MasterCard card now at the bottom of the new page.

Then click on Start Here - the first of three buttons below the Order Card. Fill in a form and fill the remaining two buttons and fill them and click Finish. Now you will get a prepaid master card from the United States at the address of your home (the addresses that were filled in when completing the form) within a month. No money will be paid for this. However, when you load the dollar from the oDex or any other medium for this master card, at the beginning 10-15 dollars will cut the service charge of this card. Get your Master Card accounted for three dollars per month. So for the first time from oDesk master card will cost 15 dollars to withdraw money.

To lift money (USD) from oDesk through MasterCard or any other, first, click on Wallet and then click on Withdraw. If you have a new page, select a method from the withdrawal method, and how much is the dollar you want to withdraw from Amount, click on the amount and then click the Withdraw button. After two days the dollar will come to your account. Each time the dollar transfer to the dollar transfer from the oDex.

The advantage of MasterCard is that it will be able to pick up dollars from all ATM booths in almost all countries of the world. If you start from any ATM booth in Bangladesh, the equivalent amount of money will be withdrawn by the dollar in auto money. You can also make dollar money directly into your bank account through Moneybookers / Skrill. This is the most troublesome and safe.

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