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Saturday, April 27, 2019

All Information about micro-workers/micro-job 2019

All Information about micro-workers/micro-jobs 2019

Different ways of earning through outsourcing are various types of organizations working on the Internet. Outsourcing to do these things with someone outside their organization is outsourcing. Those who do outsourcing work, tell them, freelancer. A freelancer means free or independent professionals. Looking for outsourcing work, on the site of the person who does the job, he is called Contractor. The person who works on the contract says to buyer/buyer

All Information about micro-workersmicro-job 2019
All Information about micro-worker micro-job 2019

This kind of work can be done if you know the general use of computers. Because of this, there are hundreds of applications to projecting a data entry in almost every marketplace. In order to select specific ones from them, the clients have to suffer from unbiasedness. The first job may take several weeks to start from a few weeks. In most cases, the new freelancers lose their interest in freelancing after not getting the work after bidding for some days. 

No bid or application is required to work on the website that I introduce today. That is if you want to start work from this moment. And the tasks are also very simple. The site is MicroWarkers (

The site will appear as simple as the first look. MicroWorkers is the main feature of the site that the activities of this site are very small. One takes 5 to 30 minutes to do one job. Each work value ranges from $ 0.10 to a maximum of $ 1.75. The everyday new site comes to the site. Here only one task can be done. If the total income is 9 dollars, checks, Moneybookers, PayPal, and Elartape can be withdrawn through the service.

All Information about micro-workers/micro-job 2019

A Freelancer Worker on MicroWarkers site and a client are referred to as Employer. The following describes how these two types of users work on the site-

All Information about micro-workers micro-job 2019
All Information about micro-worker micro-job 2019

Before starting work as a worker, you must first create an account on the site. Then click on the Available Jobs link from the menu to see all the tasks. There is some information available with each job title - the cost of work, the number of work done by the client, the success rate, how many minutes it takes to do the work, time, how many people are working (Done), etc. Click on a working title to find out more details about that work.

The details of the work can be found in the section "What is expected from workers?" What information will be provided to prove that you have finished the work properly? You can find out through the section "Required proof that task was finished?". Finally, clicking on the "I accept this job" link will give you a proof of your work in a textbox. If you can not do any work, clicking "Not interested in this job" is good for you to go out, in this case, you will never see this work again on your "Available Jobs" page.

Job type:

Now let's see what kind of work is available on the site and how much it is usually worth -

Click and Search ($ 0.10 - $ 0.15): In this case, the client will link to a site, so that they will be able to search with certain words. At the end of the client's description, one or more ads will be clicked.

Bookmark a page ($ 0.10 - $ 0.20): One of the clients' sites need to be bookmarked on another site. Such bookmark sites include, or, which will be mentioned in the client's work description. You must have an account on the site before bookmarking.

Signup ($ 0.10 - $ 0.20): In this case, registration will be done on a certain site. You must provide your email address when registering. To do this type of work, it is not ok to give your personal email address. For this reason, an email account should be opened and registered with it. Otherwise, because of spam email, you will not be able to find useful emails.

Comment on another blog ($ 0.10 - $ 0.15): To do this, you have to give one or more comments to the client's website. The comments will usually be two-one lines and will be self-reliant with the content of that website.

Forums ($ 0.10 - $ 0.15): To do this, you need to register for a forum and link to any website of the client as a signature. Then you have to post a self-contained comment on one or more pages of that forum.
Facebook ($ 0.15 - $ 0.20): This type of work includes accepting a client as a friend on facebook or being a client fan or posted on your wall at a specific point.

Twitter ($ 0.15 - $ 0.20): In this case, there must be an account at and follow the client's account or post a specific issue.

Write an article ($ 0.50 - $ 1.75): Such works are done in the work done by the microbrewers, that is, in most cases, an article is written in English. The text goes from 50 words to 500 words. As such linguistic knowledge increases on one hand and new things are known. But those who have expertise in writing in English can only do such things. You can take help from other websites by searching the internet for information connection, but your writing must be basic. It can be verified through the website whether the writing is basic.

Blog / Website Owners ($ 0.25 - $ 0.80): Many times it will not be written only, the text will be published on your popular website. For this reason, you can see PR2 + PR3 +, PR4 +, etc. written with such work name. The meaning of PR is Page Rank, and PR2 + means the page rank of 2 or more of the website. This is a Google standard used to determine how popular a website is. The page rank of a website is known through the website.

Before starting this type of work, go to website and create your own website for free. On the first condition, the page rank will be numerically naturally. But if you regularly write articles in English on different subjects on the website, then the page rank will continue to grow after a few months. As well as writing a good exchange of links with some websites, the page rank will grow more quickly.

Download and/or Install ($ 0.25 - 0.35): This software requires only downloads and some time to install.

All Information about micro-workers micro-job 2019
All Information about micro-worker micro-job 2019

Post an Ad on Craigslist ($ 0.25 - $ 0.75): is a very popular website for classified ads. In this type of work, the advertisement of any product offered by the client is to be published on site. That is why before this, you have to create an account on the site.

Some important things:

While working on this site, a few things will be able to work complicatedly -

Should not create multiple accounts in any case. When a user creates multiple accounts, all their accounts are closed.
Can not do a specific job more than once. But there is no obstacle to doing similar work.

Do not submit work without understanding the work. At the end of every work, if the client chooses to "satisfy" your job, or if not disliked, "Not Satisfied" rating. The comparison of these two types of ratings is called "Success Rate". If you complete 5 tasks in the last 30 days and your "Success rate" is below 75%, you will not be able to do any more work for the next 1 to 30 days. So work should be done with 100 percent sure and it is necessary to present the evidence according to the client's instructions at the end of the work.

If ever "Success rate" is less than 75%, then try not to be frustrated or wait for a couple of days to work again.

New users will be able to do up to 5 tasks on the first day. Then, wait for the client's rating. After doing 10 things, this limit will increase gradually.
If ever you think you have done the job properly, but the client has given you a "Not Satisfied" rating then you can report the complaint to the authority of the site via the "Submit a Complain" link.

Do not provide false information as proof of work, the account can be closed on such occasions three times.

The best way to do IP addresses is to do the job. Because the internet providers in our country provide shared IP addresses to customers. As a result, if someone does the same type of internet connection as you would like, then the client will not accept your work. In our country, this problem is more due to the fact that Grameenphone or Citycell's internet users are more likely to be of them.

Money withdrawal:

If you only get "Satisfied" rating, the money will be linked to your account balance.

All Information about micro-workers micro-job 2019
All Information about micro-worker micro-job 2019

There are four payment methods to pay a certain amount of fees to withdraw money. In the case of checks, 4.50 dollars, 6% for Paypal, Moneybookers and Estate method, 6.5% fee.
Only the balance of the account is 9 dollars when you can withdraw money. With enough money to pay fees, you have to stay in the account.

At the time of the first withdrawal request, a PIN number will be sent to your home address by mail. This number will be entered on the site later. This method is used to verify if someone has created more than one account. The PIN number may take 20 to 25 days to arrive.
After verification of the address, you will be paid within 30 days of the next Withdraw application.

Many of our country's freelancers are already working on this site and they get regular money from the site. But there is a real fact that this site can not earn a lot of money. For those who want to earn extra income from education or other work as well, this site can certainly be a good way of earning.

The popularity of this site is so much that in the meantime many more websites have been imitated by this site. Among them are,,, etc. However, it is not possible to get the money from sites like the micro-bankers.


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