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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Learn how SEO works in great details? search engine operation?? [First Part]

Learn how SEO works in great details? Search engine operation??

First of all, we have to do the tasks:

1. Search engine users must be identified.
2. To know why people use search engines.
3. The highest ranking of the keywords must be determined.
4. Detect relationships between search engines.
Learn how SEO works in great details? search engine operation??
Learn how SEO works in great details? search engine operation??
The Internet is (good and bad) information store. A user can collect almost everything in a moment. You are reading that book now, perhaps it's probably collected from the Internet. When you go to search for information on the Internet, or buy something, it must be on some websites. Suppose you own a site like this. You sell a product through this site. Nobody knows that this site is there. Then, who will know about your product/service? Who will accept the product or service from you?

The most popular way to bring a visitor to your site is to search engine. The search engine is a web application software, which allows users to find information according to their needs. There are thousands of sites on a topic. Search engines present them on a priority basis. First of all, what would have been the search engine? How did you bring the customer to your site? The answer is. You used to place a link (ad) on another site. Visitors came to your site by clicking on that link. Search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) are bringing you and your customers directly to the middle of this intermediary with the customer.

Here we will see how many Internet users have to choose your desired customer from the middle. Strategies to work with user types and different engines.

How to Identify Users:
Do you know, who uses the search engine? Yes, almost everyone uses search engines (Google, Yahoo !, Bing) Most visitors of most sites come from search engines. Some names have become so popular to everyone that no one else searches for them. For example, Facebook. Almost no other site like this cannot be memorized by any other site. Search engines search and find out. Even a large part of the world's largest brands also gets a visitor from the search engine.?

However, the visitor comes to the website on the search engine website. However, you must remember that your website is just one of the many websites on earth. Suppose you sell mobile. Your site has a Nokia N97 model's mobile. Anybody in Googol Search by Nokia N97, will your site come to the first page? Of course not.

Because I told earlier that the search engine sites are presented on a priority basis. If you are very lucky, and the search query (which is written down) is quite targeted (as written on your site, the user just typed in the search), then your site will show up in the first 100 of the millions of results. If you publish photos of Cox's Bazar on the website, for which the location is enough. However, if you sell a product/service, you will have to rise above it for promotion.

In most cases, the search engine users get the results of the first page and click on them to enter. The following pages are very few users. So, as far as your site is concerned, the potential for your customer will be reduced. That's why most of the website owners want to grab the first page.

Mark, how much people spend online:
Even though it is comparatively less in India, spend a large portion of internet users all over the world (shopping). Because it's easy. Want to eat your sandwich? Open the computer and go to a restaurant site and order the sandwich. Your credit card cut off the price of a sandwich, and sandwiches came home.

It's a lot of trouble-free. In India, some sites like Zomato.com now offer product home delivery for order online. A statistic found that Americans spend an average of 47 minutes on shopping online spend a day.

Spend 40 minutes in order to choose the product, and order the remaining 7 minutes. So you can understand that they choose to look at many websites and many products. Many of these websites use search engines to find out.

You need to get subscribers to your website. For those who are in real estate, 3 things are most important for them. First, position second, position and third, position. Yes, I wanted to mean what you think. The most important thing is where its project is located. How close it is to the main city How much better communication, etc. This matter is also true about the web.

In the same way, to make your website online a valuable asset, it will have to be brought to the page in search engine results Page (SERP) or search results. This topic is called Ranking. There are few ways to get your site up to a high rank. For example, your site should be the best of all the contemporary sites. If that is the case, then you will not have to read the book down hard.

Your site will only appear in the search engines first. And if it does not, then your site should be well in the eyes of the search engine.

** If you want to pay a certain amount of money to Google, you can show your site for the specified time at the search page. This method is called Pay Per Click (PPC). We want to permanently bring a site to the first page. So I skipped this topic for now.

Internet users' charts:
Since the success of your SEO work will depend on the users, so there should be clear ideas about your users. You need to know, who is looking for your products/services. Then you can decide, where to advertise, there will be good results.
Learn how SEO works in great details search engine operation
Learn how SEO works in great details search engine operation

What do you do if you are marketing the general? You can put an advertisement (poster) to sell books. Where can you find a customer for your desired product (book)? Of course, you can get the book's subscriber in front of the school/college.

Again, you sell cars. If the car poster is put in front of the school/college, then it will not work. Because very few students will be interested in buying cars. So, you have to put it in front of a big office-court etc. That is, those who want to buy cars (desires + money) are there.

The same thing applies to the website's promotion. You have to make the decision about the age, income, and attitude of the customer. That is the age of any age, the amount of income, the product of the product for male/female. Here's to note that 53.22% of the Yahoo! search engine users are 49.24% of male and Google search engine users.

So, it is easy to understand that if you are marketing a man's products (shirts, pants, belts, etc.) then it should be promoted in Google. Likewise, selling a woman's goods (saris, jewelry, cosmetics, etc) is more likely to result in better results if promoted in Yahoo.
I am sharing a very important chart with you here. You will find a clear idea about the users of search engines.

Here the statistics on the search engine usage statistics are shown in gender, age, and age. Suppose you have to sell the blood sugar (diabetes) measuring machine. So you should see 55+ age users use more than MSN search engines. So, if you advertise on MSN, you will get better results.

[This is my chart of 2004. This is the only example I used to give. You can search for Google search and search the current time chart and do customer research. Information: This chart was created, based on how many times it has been searched. For example, if someone searches for saris, then it can be assumed that he is a woman and between 18-34 years old. When Google's search is also logged in Google's account, Google saves its information]

While doing SEO, we must give special importance to the keyword. In the above process, we will determine the user according to our product type. Targeted users will not have to worry about the search engines. Keep a watch on her favorite keywords like on-page (title tag, meta tag, keyword) on my site. 

Suppose you do Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Marketing Since Android mobile (in India) is used more by young people, you decided to do marketing at the most popular Yahoo search engine of 18-34 years of age. In that case, you have to find out more about the users who are 18-34 years old. If you have some analysis, you will get a good result. We know that the popularity of Android users of 18-34 age is the game.
Learn how SEO works in great details search engine operation
Learn how SEO works in great details search engine operation

If you get a little time to relax, like a favorite game, then you can search on the internet and the new game. So, if you give the page title in such a way that Samsung Galaxy S4 -Game, Music, Facebook and many more ... then the article is compatible with your main theme, as well as giving you keyword support. In this way, targeted users can find targeted keywords for them.

Why do people use search engines?
We've got to know who used the search engine. And I learned that most (almost all) Internet users use the search engine. Now we will find out why they use search engines? What they actually search engine? Does he want to do research on how to repair his old car? Or the old car wants to buy a new car by selling it.

Or, is it a waste of time playing games online and chatting online without any reason? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the search engine will show him numerous sites, from where he can research/buy/ sell cars or play a game.

Using a large part of search engine users, it is useful for research purposes. Even I myself have researched SEO in search engines (Google SEO) to write this book. Researchers are basically trying to find answers to any one question in search engines or to collect the minimum information from an earthquake in an unknown matter, which is what helps them to decide.

They want to collect complete information from one site on one topic. Well, a business department student is looking for information on banking to create his / her account. You have created a bank's website. In one of his pages, you have kept the details of banking history, banking, and why banking is done.

The student searched your site and found an old idea about banking. However, you did not open the site to help with the study of this student. For the promotion of the bank opened. However, when he gets full support from your site, he will note your site name (ie the name of the bank) once and for the future if he/she is involved with your bank for any reason, Bank) will look positive. 

Marketing is a very important point in marketing that positively impacts society. Also, the importance of Priority to informational sites from search engines purchase/sell/ commercial site. For example, we see that the first result in most search (especially 1 character quora) is Wikipedia. Because Wikipedia is the world's largest database. Here I will talk about Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an open source project. There is numerous information here.

Wikipedia has backlinks to millions of sites. Open source means anyone can write here and change the information. Therefore, Wikipedia does not guarantee the truth about the information given by him. Since Wikipedia comes most of the time. So, we can take education from here. That hole does not bother about the truth of search engine information. However, one thing should be kept in mind, there is no problem if data is wrong, but there is a problem when copying paste.

To get the benefit of research, you need to make your site informative. Not to the unnecessary information, information about the subject you have been interested in. The quality of your product. Attracting the comments of previous users etc. can attract the attention of the researcher. A large part of the researcher is how to enter the search. Like a plant scientist studying mushroom.

And you're running a restaurant's site. There's mushroom soup. What is the mushroom on the soup page? How to produce, and so on. Now when is that plant scientist how to grow mushrooms? 

After entering the search by your site, he will not be able to close your site and search for another site. The information will be read and notes will be new. Your ranking depends on how long a visitor is on your site (or going back and forth). Although, apparently you did not get any help from the researcher (since he did not buy your product). But, indirectly, he has made your site important to the search engine.

So today I finished the first part, In the next part, we will discuss a more important topic. Thanks for all, God bless you.

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