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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Learn how SEO works in great details? search engine operation?? [2nd- Part]

Learn how SEO works in great details? search engine operation?? [2nd- Part]

Assalamo Alaikum friends, I am Md Alamgir the host of mdtechelper.com 
Come back again with Master of SEO`s second part. The first part where we ended up in the second part is going to start again.

So let`s get started... 

However, only a small portion of the total internet user uses the internet for shopping, but that number is not too low. After the research query, we will see how a customer (buyers) search when searching for products. Virtual Product (photos, songs, videos, software etc.) Most of the subscribers are looking for free.

Learn how SEO works in great details? search engine operation?? [2nd- Part]
Learn how SEO works in great details? search engine operation?? [2nd- Part]

Finding among the low prices that are not available free of charge (eg domain/premium housing). For example, many users search by low price domain. Suppose you sell the domain at 900 rupees. Due to the low price domain keyword on the ward, your site comes in the first page after searching for a low price domain. Another one sells the domain at 800 rupees, but due to the lack of SEO (or, even if it does not give importance to this important keyword), its site did not come in the first 100 results. In that case, the user will accept the domain value (900 rupees) for you like the least and buy from you. This way you can get business success.

Although a user can find his favorite products with the Ordinary search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc), there are some websites, which serve as search engines only for the purchase. For example, Amazon, eBay, Shopping.com etc. These are called Shopping Only Search Engine. Shopping Only Search Engine is again different types. Eg: mainstream engines This website has its own products.

Customers can find their favorite products from the combination of that product. For example, Google Product Search (called Froogle) and Yahoo! Shopping. If you search for a product here, you can find the product you need from their list. If you want to buy an international standard book from Amazon.com, you need to search directly on Amazon.com. Amazon.com offers everything from your product orders, pricing, delivery, stock management to everything.

Researching or shopping is not the only reason for using search engines. The Internet is an acceptable topic to spend leisure time well. Lots of internet users use the Internet to entertain themselves. They download songs, movies, trailers, games etc. or use social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, MiG-33 etc). Technically, these are also a kind of research. However, these studies are only used for entertainment.

An elderly person can also download a childish game, to celebrate his childhood. Or to find a piece of the old movie, song or an artist / popular person, life story, etc. for a moment, but to return to the past. The search engine fills his desire.
If you want to listen to a video song, then as much as you can by searching Wikipedia, the more likely you are to succeed in Youtube Search. Another example of a site that is high on YouTube in the search engine.

This is a service of Google company. There are numerous videos here. Anyone can upload videos here It has a camera and has a Gmail account, it can upload any video to YouTube, even its flowering garden video. Here high-quality keywords are displayed before. And when playing a video, there are several other related videos related to her (keywords). If the user has opened the video that is not needed, then he can choose one from those videos. 

Currently, many big companies are uploading their product demo videos to YouTube and creating YouTube channels. YouTube channel is all about videos uploaded from an account. The advantage of this is that a customer can come to see one of your products and at the same time see more than 2-4 products and can buy some. It is currently being used as an acceptable medium to create product demand.

Accept high ranking keywords:
For those who have a real estate business, if the position, location, and location are the three most important things, then the most important thing for SEO is keywords, keywords, and keywords. Ranking depends on the search engine keyword to take a user to the right website. Your site's keywords must be according to Users Query. High ranking keywords, which means that more users search for more number of keywords, you will find more work, but you will get more visitors accordingly. If your keyword is easy, the search engine can easily measure your site. In my next section, the process of researching keywords is described in more detail.

Here are the ideas are given to you about users. To make your site attractive to your competitor site (that manages the same product/service as you), you need to research specific types of user's psychology. By thinking of yourself as a user/customer, you have to decide how you would be satisfied if you received this product/service. Only then will you succeed in SEO. SEO is a kind of online marketing. You are marketing your product/service to the customer. 

And there are two major theories of marketing:

Rule 1. The customer has always right

Rule 2. If wrong, read rule 1 again.

Here it is meant that you must provide the customer's needs accordingly. Your business success depends on the client's satisfaction. A customer satisfied with your service will advertise you for free.

How to create an SEO Friendly Site:

Here SEO means Friendly Sites that are meant to be the highest ranking keyword of the highest ranking keyword. This is your site's Meta Data and Title Tag sorted by keywords. [More details about keywords in the fourth section are described] Your site must be consistent with Keyword's usage of keywords (not extra) in keywords.

If you fill the site keyword without any subject, it will be seen by the search engine and your site's ranking will be reduced. Very much images and flashes cannot be used on the site. Many people use a lot of high-resolution images (still Image), animations, flash, etc. to make the site heavy for the client. In this case, you must keep in mind that the SEO needs to be more satisfying than the client (who has designed the site) to please the site's user.

Many people do not use the text in the name of the page, the menu, button etc., to design the image. Because of the increase of the aesthetics of your site, it reduces the ranking. Because the search engine is an intelligent program. She can not read the inside of the image. So, he does not know what's there and does not index it. If you do not use your image, in that case, you will use the Alt attribute on the image tag.

If your image is not loaded for any reason, then space will not be left blank. Instead of the image, your Alt attribute will display the value of the clickable link. Bigger than that, the search engine can recognize that image through this tag.
Learn how SEO works in great details? search engine operation?? [2nd- Part]
Learn how SEO works in great details? search engine operation?? [2nd- Part]
Suppose you used this image. The search engine does not know what's written here. In that case, you can use alt attribute on the tag img.

<a target="_blank" href=””**********/love.html””><img src=””********/loveimg.jpeg”” alt=””love” /></a>

In this way, the search engine will understand that this image is Buy Now. And they will index and buy the Buy keyword again for your site.

The best things to do for optimization of quality are holly

Title tag
Meta description tag
Meta keywords tag
Heading tag
Textual content
Alt attributes on all images
Strong/bold tags
Fully-qualified links
Site map
Text navigation
JavaScript / CSS externalized
Robots text (.txt) file
Web analytics
Keyword research (technical process-in second part)
Link development
Image names
Privacy statement
Contact information
Dedicated IP address

Clearly highlight the content on the site:
To get a high keyword ranking, the main content of your site needs to be clean. If you sell toys, do not stop with the name, image, and price of each playlist on your site. Describe each toy detail, what benefits can be found here. It will not only help your customer choose the product of his choice, as well as the search engine (depending on the number of words that are on your site).

A feature of the search engine, it promotes the name of your content (which includes the heading tag H1, H2, H3 ... or bold tag B) to choose the category of your site.

If you are in the category of content on your site, and if you use the level you will get better results. For example, you can keep bread, vegetables, coffee, etc. in a restaurant's site, lunch category (lunch level) rice, fish meat, etc and in the Dinner category. Then search engines will realize that you have many items of lunch and dinner here. Then, the possibility of displaying your site will increase if he/she searches for a good user at lunch or dinner.

Attention to the main theme:
Whenever you visit a site every day a lot of visitors come in, then you have to make changes to the design of the site, it will have to be changed just like the previous situation. If your site does not seem to come to your site that it has come to any other site. Then it may have negative effects on its sub-surface. If you change frequently design template/layout, you will lose many visitors.

To maintain consistency you have to keep relevant content on the same page. Suppose, you can put a helmet on the page that you placed a motorcycle. You can keep advertisements for oil and ruby. However, if you place mobile ads on that page, then it will be irrelevant.

Long Term Plan:
The world's biggest marketplace (online) does not come with the desire to manage a short-term business. How long do you want your website to remain active? Undoubtedly, you want to make your site permanent till the end of the day. You are not alone in the Marketplace, so as soon as you do SEO, the more you will fall behind the rivals. The technology that you are using to keep your site intact, changes are coming in that way.

So, you have to keep up with the new technology. Website development was used in early web development. But at the present time, this method seems to be backdated. Splash screens made in Flush a few years ago were extremely popular. However, it is not used anymore because of the slowing down of the site. This issue is also problematic for SEO. So, currently CSS, jQuery, etc. are used to make animations and animated images. As a result, the site speed is good.

Creating relationships with search engines:
Although there are many search engines on the internet, you would be happy to know that if you only plan on a few search engines depending on their working process, the rest will automatically become SEO. Because of these, their internal algorithm complies with some policies. Every search engine has its own services and has a unique company.

When a user searches on a topic in Google, Yahoo !, Microsoft Live Search, Ask.com or any other first-of-its-kind search engine, then the engine displays the result of the other search engine results with its results and displays the important results to the user. Manage the community. When new information comes in the index of a search engine Crawler, then they share this new information with other search engines.

Learn how SEO works in great details search engine operation [2nd- Part]
Learn how SEO works in great details search engine operation [2nd- Part]

The picture below shows how information is transmitted between search engines. Basically Google, Yahoo! And Microsoft Live are one of the three main search engines that provide results to other search engines. Here the paved result with the arrow (Arrow), which we used to say, pay per click or PPC ads) was indicated and gray arrows were meant to provide organic or general results.

From this picture, it is clear that when a user searches on Netscape, the result shows Netscape's own index, but the main supplier of information is Google. So, if you can bring your site up to good rankings in Google and Yahoo, then almost all the search engines will come to your site in good ranking.

Search Results - Organic and Paid:
When searching in the search engine, it shows two types of results. Organic Result and Paid Result We discussed a bit earlier about it.

1. Organic Result or General Results: This is the method that displays high-ranked sites according to the search queries. Basically, we are working on this method. In this method, the site is published on the basis of keywords on the first page. It is also called the primary result.

2. Paid Result or Purchased Results: This is PPC or Pay Per Click Method. Based on specific keywords, Google offers a fixed amount of money through which the site will be shown on the first page. The ads provided in this method are called Sponsored Ad.
Learn how SEO works in great details search engine operation [2nd- Part]
Learn how SEO works in great details search engine operation [2nd- Part]

You can easily identify Organic Result and Paid Result separately in the search results page. Because the search engine shows them differently. The paid result is usually on the top or right side of the primary result. In the paid result, there is no border or background signal or any identification writing. General users often do not understand the difference between organic results and paid results. Knowing this difference, it is best to decide which results should be clicked. Again, in other ways, because of the results of the paid result, the advertisement. If someone shows you this by spending a lot, then surely there's something inside it. More work for paid results, especially for first two-class surgeries (researchers and buyers).

How did the search engine get all the information?
do you know? How did the search engine get all this information? How does he present your information in front of you? Now I will start the packaging of technology.
The first step is to gather information. This is an automated process. This process is called Crawling / Spidering. It performs a program (crawler). This Crowler roaming around the internet on various websites and collecting data and stored it on Google's server. Each major search engine has its own crawler. Google's Crowner is called Google BOT.

It works like a lot of robots. If any information on your website changes, then the information will not change in the search engine index. It can be in 1 day, and it may be weeks later. The time span depends on how long after the change occurred, Crawler visited your site and indexed new information on it.
The second step is to make the data collected as raw data as useful. Indexes are sorted by dividing the data into categories. The information that has more than one bar, the rest is removed from one of them. Then it is beautifully arranged on the server.

The whole thing is like keeping the papers in a lot of file cabinets.
The search engine uses an algorithm for each user's query. It is basically a mathematical process, which provides results based on many conditions. Use some sources to decide which results will show before. The formulas are completed on a single layer and multilayer.
At a press conference, Google's Representative said that to give results according to the query given by their search engine, more than 200 variables are analyzed. Maybe you think their variables? Google has never published it directly, that is why this (SEO System) has become a worldwide challenge.

But we got its results through research. The research is shared with you. So you can create a site that will attract the attention of all the search engines, they are not using an algorithm, it does not matter. Want skill and artistic mentality for This is the main point of SEO, which I would like to describe in this book.

So friends, today I finished the second part, In the next part, we will discuss a more important topic. Thanks for all,

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