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Friday, March 22, 2019

Interesting information about Bitcoin?

Interesting information about Bitcoin

Most of the internet users in the world are less familiar with Bitcoin. Yet, in a little bit, Bitcoin is the world's first open-source cryptocurrency, which does not require any kind of financial institution for the transaction. It is not a currency issued by the government of any country.

Interesting information about Bitcoin
Interesting information about Bitcoin

In 2009, a person named Satoshi Nakamoto in the pseudonym of this coin was introduced. There are many speculation-around this coin and its promoter, which has not yet been exposed. Today our point of view is some interesting facts about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin purchase:
Many people think that if you buy Bitcoin then buy 1 big cake. But this is not true. The current market price of 1 Bitcoin is around $ 3971, which is less than 3 lakhs of Indian Rupee. You can buy Bitcoin less than 1 (fraction). Like 0.01 bitcoin, even 0.001 Bitcoin! Basically, if you want, you can buy Bitcoin up to 8 decimal places.

Bitcoin demand:
Some feel that the price of bittacquena never decreases, but it continues to grow. This is a misconception. The stock market can be compared with the Bitcoin market. It can decrease or increase at any time.

Transaction tracking:

The idea of ​​tracking the most common transactions in beta currencies is among the most common misconceptions. Many people think Bitcoin transactions are the most secret transactions. But the truth is, the fact that Bitcoin transactions are not confidential is rather confidential, but public Every bitcoin transaction becomes a blockbuster entry, the information that savvy users can trace if given time. Therefore, it is a misconception that Bitcoin transaction tracking is not possible.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency?
No Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency. Stellar, Etherium, Lightweight, many such cryptocurrencies are available in the market. But Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Mining:
Now the main source of bitcoin is mining, which is done through a special type of computer. But the idea is that Bitcoin mining is possible on any computer. Although possible or possible, its profitability will be questionable. Bitcoin needs a lot of computing and advanced technology to see profits in mining.

Total Bitcoin Supply:
Many websites on the internet may have received this information that Bitcoin supplies are limited. This idea is true. It will be possible to mine a total of 21 million Bitcoins in the existing system. However, the transaction amount can be increased by a fraction of the amount.

Bitcoin and legal system:

What is Bitcoin that can be controlled by law? Many people may think that it is secret anonymity, because it may avoid the eyes of the law, but it is possible to control the use of bitcoin by law. This bitcoin has been banned in many countries. Bitcoin is still not legal in India and moreover, The Indian Bank RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has published a stop dealing BTC.

Is Bitcoin legal in India in 2018?

RBI has ordered Banks to stop dealing in BTC but that doesn't mean its Illegal in India Millions of Indians are still in the crypto market. India is still working on the regulations and I am pretty sure India won't take some independent decision on BTC it will first see how the world is reacting to BTC and then only decide whether to regulate or ban it.

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