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Friday, February 22, 2019

What is freelancing? Why? And how to start?

What is freelancing? Why? And how to start?

What is freelancing?

In a word, freelancing is the freedom to work independently outside traditional jobs. For example, someone who took business as a profession, they are businessmen, those who are employed are job seekers, and those who take their livelihood with fisheries are fishermen, just like freelancing is a profession. And those who are freelancing are called freelancers. Those who earn according to their own talent and expertise.

What is freelancing Why And how to start
What is freelancing Why And how to start

What is outsourcing?

Another word that is associated with freelancing is outsourcing. Through the Internet system, different organizations carry out various types of work from someone outside their organization. Outsourcing is the only thing to do. And outsources who are outsourcing are called outsources or buyer. Generally they are a freelancer client.

Why do you choose freelancing as a career?

As already mentioned, freelancing is an independent profession, so if you choose it as a career, you want to do it yourself, whenever you want, from where you can do it. You can work from small to big companies or a person sitting at home. And you do not need any degree or academic certificate in it, but have the right knowledge or experience and expertise in any work that can be done through the computer. And the cost of this profession is a little more than the traditional job. Although it depends on your performance. There are so many freelancers who are now freelancing from leaving their higher job and they feel freelancing they earn a lot more and succeed. But freelancing can be done for job-making.

Who can come to this profession?

People of any level can come to freelancing profession. There is no discrimination between men and women, nor age has any limitations. Anyone, including students, teachers, businessmen, housewives, can engage in freelancing profession. Or those who are trying for jobs after completing their studies can also choose this profession. A freelancer, maybe a 40 year old employer or a 25 year old housewife.

Job type:-

In general, any work done through a computer can be selected as a freelance career. Among the most popular are:

Web Development: Creating Website, Creating Web Based Software, Website Maintenance etc.

Graphics Design: Logo, Website Banner, Photo Editing, Animation etc.

Computer programming: Web programming from desktop programming is all covered.

Internet Marketing: Internet-based marketing activities, such as blogs, marketing on social networking websites.

Writing and translation: Articles, website content, news notifications, short stories, adult stories, and translation from one language to another are notable.

Journalism: Those who are skilled at this, are doing internet-based public relations in addition to writing, filming and writing in various national and foreign newspapers.

Customer service:Provide necessary support through telephone, e-mail and social media by providing information to customers of local and foreign companies.

Virtual Assistant / Administrative Assistant:Performing data entry on various companies and working in different companies, working as a personal assistant etc.

Where to get work?

There are thousands of freelance marketplaces online where this type of work is available. They can also get direct jobs by making their own portfolio. If there is good experience and expertise in the work, long-term independent jobs are also available in different companies.

The demand and future of this profession

In the current era, the frequency of work in this freelancing is much more. The demand for such practices worldwide is increasing gradually. Currently around 300 million people use the Internet. In India-only 24 crore people use the Internet. China has the Internet user rank in the first place and America is second place and India is third in the world, but many of them think that by the year 2015, Indian Internet users will cross the number of Internet users in my country. So it is seen that the expansion of the internet world is increasing day by day, and with the emergence of the new Internet in this huge internet world. And these businesses and businesses need a lot of skilled workers to manage. And since the Internet can be used anywhere from any part of the world, the demand for freelance is increasing every now and then.

What is needed to start freelancing?

  1. A laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Good quality internet connection.
  3. Must be fair to English.
  4. Desire to work, patience and try.
  5. Time to learn and to learn after learning and to practice after work, humanity.
Besides, there should be basic ideas about various online communication systems such as Skype, hangout etc. Because, as developed countries outsource most of the work, so when you communicate with your client via Skype or any other communication system, you have to communicate in English. Moreover, your typing speed will also be good.

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