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Monday, February 18, 2019

What can cause cancer due to mobile phones?

What can cause cancer due to mobile phones?

Everyone knows the wave radiation (radiation) that comes from a mobile phone or such wireless communication device. So, with the availability of mobile phones in the present world, anxiety is increasing with its radiation. many people say "talking about the phone in the brain can lead to cancer in the brain ... if you put a mobile phone in the pocket, there may be physical harm from radiation" and so on.

What can cause cancer due to mobile phones?
What can cause cancer due to mobile phones?

But what is the science about this? What is a research that proves that radiation from mobile phones can lead to human cancer? Find out the answer to that question in this post.

Radiation! Radiation !!

Well, one thing to say, why are we so concerned about the radiation of mobile phones? The reason for this is that in the midst of the radiation, we are afraid of something that this invisible power must have many powers! The radiation term has given us a negative meaning, especially after knowing the losses of human radiation in nuclear radiation by Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

What can be the cancer of the mobile phone to humans?
For the last few years, scientists have been trying to get the answer to the truth. However, there is still no clear answer to all the questions related to this.

What is the research saying?

A study of the American government published last year showed that high levels of cellular radiation on some of the rats have been applied, and that some male rats have developed a type of tumor. Some male rats have been diagnosed with tumor. Of course, this problem was not found in the feminine mouse. A press release has also been published in connection with the United States government agency National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

But another US government agency FDA says the FDA believes that radiofrequency energy radiated from cell phones, according to the current safety limit, is safe for human health.

Although research is still underway in these areas.

Radiation from the cell phones to the environment. But that does not mean that it is as strong as radiation from a nuclear bomb or from the X-ray machine!

Mobile phone radiation is harmful?

Radiation can be different. On the website of the American Cancer Society, the cellphone radiation is radio-frequency radiation that is not strong enough to cause tumors by damaging the human body. They say 'non-ionizing' radiation, which does not break the chemical ties of DNA into cells and can not make cancer. More such 'non-ionizing' radiation is FM radio's wave, microwave and visible light.

The American Cancer Society says more, if a mobile phone wave comes in contact with the human body, it can increase body temperature (how microwave oven works). The site also says that the radiation from the mobile phone is so low that it is not enough to increase the human body's warmth.

If ... but ... so ...

However, after all, you may find many informational data to be considered harmful to cellphone radiation, since scientists are still not quite clear about the issue. Hundreds of studies have been done, but no one can prove 100% straight cellphone radiation due to cancer for humans. However, scientists have always indicated their risk.

There is a change in the network day by day. The above research conducted on rats is done with frequency of 2G, 3G network frequency. Now the era of 4G and 5G. So it is not yet time to conclude that the radiation of mobile phones will affect the human body.

But since the scientists advised to stay as far as possible from the mobile phone as an advance alert, we must reduce the mobile usage as much as possible. Besides, the excess use of mobile phones will not make us mechanical, so much attention is needed.

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