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Sunday, February 24, 2019

10 Most Important Things to know Before Start YouTube channel ??

Assalamu Alaikum, friends,,

I am Md Alamgir, today I will discuss an important thing that is ...

10 Most Important Things to know Before Start YouTube channel ??

If you are new to YouTube or think you can build a carrier then this article will help you a lot! Please read this article wholeheartedly and you will find many new ones!

So let's start

                I gave you 10 points for your convenience!

10 Most Important Things to know Before Start my YouTube channel ??
YouTube Channel

1. Channel Topic: - (Most Important)

Channel Topic is the subject of your channel! The topic that you will make a video! For example, see my channel. I am here to make the videos on YouTube tips, blogger tips, computer tips and tricks etc - on this topic to help you! In the same way, you will also choose one thing and start making videos on that topic!

Here's another thing I want to make a video on the topic that you are capable of and what you like best because a "topic" plays an important role in developing your YouTube career!

2. Inspiration: -

Your inspection is needed! Because initially, you will have difficulty understanding and Confucius that any topic can be the best for you! Do not Worry It's Absolute Normal Thing! Almost every one of you Tuber faces the problem early!

If I choose any topic, and if I choose a topic, I'll get a good chance. Such a configuration will work in you, at no cost to you!

In this case, you will see more videos of other YouTube users! You can take inspiration from the channels that you like best, and you do not have to paste exact duplicate copy, you will not get access to YouTube! Of course, you have to create a video like you, but you can definitely take the inspiration from another!

3. Video Editing: -

You have to learn video editing so that you can create a good presentation by editing beautifully made videos!

You don't have to be a Super Genius Video Editing Expert, learning basic everything from video editing, you can do very good editing for your videos! I personally use Camtasia and Adobe Premiere Pro!

4. Equipment: -

You need some basic instruments to produce high-quality content! Such as cameras, microphones, light setup, video editing software, and a PC or laptop! Especially if you shoot in front of the camera then you must take these basic instruments!

And if you do not put a suit in front of the camera then you do not need much! As such, lighting setup is not needed, the tripod is not needed, no camera required, Just screen recording is software and microphone, a video editing software and a computer or laptop will be needed!

I will have a recommendation for you! In the beginning, this camera, lighting setup, video setup, behind them, do not need to spend a lot of money! Without making any video of Adarowez, if you start with such a camera, lighting setup, then they will waste a lot of money! Buy all that you do not really need!

        But yes, the quality of the footage you deliver is a DSLR camera lighting setup, these basic things you need! These are not mandatory for you to become a YouTube user! Start with what you have as new! And give, when you work on YouTube for a while and you learn to understand YouTube properly, you can always update your gear!

5. Copyright: -

Copyrights are a great important topic!

       If you do not follow the rules of the copyright laws online, then you will be caught everywhere! You may have heard in many places that many accounts are suspended, the band becomes, the Adsense becomes disables, the YouTube channel is suspended, because they do not adhere to the rules of copyright!

No company will be able to work online if you do not adhere to the copyright rules! Copyright is a serious crime online! But there is no reason to tension, if you can know the copyright laws well then you will not have any fear! The channel will never be suspended, the Adsense account will not be disabling and will not suspend you at any marketplace!

There are many resources online, there are free resources, and there is also Premium Resource! Some of the premium resources you can use in your video can not use much more! Likewise, you can use a lot of free resources in your video, and many things you can not use in your video! So, these types of copyright rules are actually a very confusing new situation! But do not worry if it is not so critical!

6. Video Thumbnail: -

The picture on the video is a video thumbnail! See, I want to see the video when I see almost every person, first, we can see the thumbnail, then they click on the video above their interest and see what is in the video! For this, the video thumbnail design needs to be quite good, for that you do not have to be an expert designer! 

There are some tools online that you can create many beautiful designs! Such a flower is Snaapa! It's an online basic software, it does not have to do anything to install the download, just sign up and see the editing panel on your screen! It is very easy to use and using it you can create good and professional level thumbnails and graphic designs!

I will give you a complete article on my YouTube Channel, and once you see it, you can understand how it works! So you will try to create professional quality video thumbnails for each of your videos, try as much as you can!

7. Video SEO: - (Search Engine Optimization)

Video SEO is very important! The videos that you watch on your channel are all videos

You need to do SEO so that YouTube users can find your video when they search for your topic. Then your videos will continue to grow, and there will be a lot of research results ahead! Now how do you make your video seo, I have published a complete article on it, you can see it!

8. Comparison with other people: - (Stop Compare to Others)

You will never compute yourself with others! Whether you work in YouTube or do any other work, you keep in mind that no matter how skilled you are, no one is better than you!

 In the same way, as you come to work on YouTube, you will see a lot better than youtube! Those who have good content quality, whose confidences are a lot better, many may know that you may not be able to create such good content, maybe you do not know those things! At first, nobody knows,

But in the beginning everyone is sitting on a mistake, I can not be like a brother! Whenever you compute, you will feel like a week and your failure will increase by 90 percent.

You never have to compromise yourself with others to get a long-term success in YouTube! You will think they can do a lot more than me, you can do one thing here, you will see more videos of others and take some ideas from there and you will create your own video by Idea, you will see that your quality content is quite impressive at one time. will be!

9. Do not Go Away With False: - (Do not Fear Mistake)

Mittak is a part of our life! There is no man who did not miss life!

When you come to work, you will see that you will mistake the chance! One is saying one thing while saying that you can not talk properly in front of the camera, there will be a couple of such missiles!

It is the beginning of every person, so do not waste too much time on the other side, if others are to say what it is, or what may happen! It will be all you have to do so that you accept it

You will mistake your video on a day-to-day basis and there is no reason to tension you so much!

10. Bad comment: - (Negative Criticism)

There is no reason to be afraid or shy because you can read many negative comments in your video!

Because YouTube is a public place! When you publish a video, you do not even know who will watch your video so anyone can comment on your video!

So I will have a review for you, Negative Criticism of the Absolute Ignorance! Out of 100 people, 10-15 people can talk negatively, but if you see Butt in most cases you get positive feedback! So Concentrate on the positive feedback you get! And go ahead! Then you will go on YouTube! And you will not feel uncomfortable!

       You see, every YouTubers video has negative criticism! Negative criticism means ... Someone came to your comment section and used a bad language or made a bad comment. So you can ignore the bad news or feedback, and you will be able to go to long-term on YouTube!

So friends, today's article I ended up here! If you have any questions YouTube channel regarding, do not forget to tell in the comment section below. I will try replay!


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